Showing Your Work (As You Go)

Until recently, I held the belief that getting better at something is best done in private.

After all, making public mistakes is embarrassing. Performing in front of others increases anxiety while inviting criticism. Who wants to deal with that?

When I learned piano as a kid, I would practice either by myself or with my teacher, until I was ready to play my songs at a recital. That was my approach. Minimal witnesses until I achieved a certain level of competence.

I think the internet changed my perspective. These days, media content from videos, podcasts, and blog posts are produced by both experts and beginners. Any passion or interest can be shared digitally online. No matter who you are, making your work public has a number of potential benefits:

  • Your work could end up being helpful to someone else, right now.
  • You can receive useful feedback that will improve your future work.
  • You become accountable, which can elevate both your work’s quality and quantity.
  • Your work might lead to more attention, trust, and connection. Or an unexpected opportunity.

Kudos to everyone with the courage to show their work. You’re an inspiration.