Time of Death

If it were possible to know the exact timing of my death, I think I would. While being diagnosed with terminal cancer would be terrible news, I’d welcome the certainty of having 2 weeks to say my goodbyes and secure closure.

So the idea of setting your own death timetable in advance was interesting to me. I imagine that this clarity allows greater appreciation for the days leading up to the fixed date, and greater peacefulness and acceptance afterwards.

Nevertheless, I don’t see this as a plan for me. I can follow the logic of why the author made the decision for himself — he’s saying living longer isn’t necessarily better, especially if it’s for a life of elevated pain and decline. What I can’t understand is why make a decision of how long he wants to live without knowing the circumstances around the quality of life he’s giving up.

Ideally, I wouldn’t need prompts to live life to its fullest. But I do believe being mindful of my mortality is an effective reminder not to waste my time on this earth. That’s something I do believe in.